…proof, that needed no proof

Titel:          true north
Interpret:  Vocal Line

…proof, that needed no proof




This is not a CD that one should listen to in one go… although it will be difficult to press the “pause” button because there is a serious danger of addiction!

Take your time, sit back and turn your sound system up a bit louder.

The Vocal Line sound based on the Danish choral tradition will encompass and absorb you. Every “take”, every little “work of art” is unique and need special and lingering attention. The twelve songs on the album deal in different ways with the question: How do you find the right path in life despite the constant pull that influences your inner compass?

The singers call for one to close the eyes and let oneself be guided by an inner compass, instead of being controlled by external distractions, expectations and cultural guidelines that are all part of life. Fantastic, highly sophisticated and unique arrangements. All original songs were written by Nordic songwriters and arranged by Jens Johansen as well as several members of the choir. Wonderful, independent sound.

If at all(… probably only for the newcomers of the scene ) even the least amount of proof was needed of the uniqueness and world class format of this ensemble: It was delivered right here…often copied but never achieved in this perfection!

“True North” lives up to Vocal Line’s ambition to become a world leader in a cappella choral music, challenging new boundaries and achieving the highest musical standards. Who sets the standard? The singers is themselves and of course the maestro Jens Johansen but meanwhile also all fans who are eagerly awaiting what is again clearly audible here: world class a cappella singing. “True North” – a must for friends of contemporary a cappella choral music…